People seem to have a liking for proclaiming their allegiances.  Whether it be to honour a football team, a college, a pop group or a favourite drink, we humans often festoon ourselves with logos and colours to let all and sundry know of our loyalty  to our chosen brand or group.  Car owners and enthusiasts are no exception to that rule, but hitherto those of us who think, nay, know, that the GT40 is the chariot of the gods, have found precious little available to permit us to display to the world our links with the most beautiful car on the planet.
Well, that’s changing, and now we can thank Fran Kress for giving us the opportunity to sport the colours.  
The latest product from Kress Motorsport is this lovely baseball
cap, in light blue with orange detailing, and featuring a  great picture of 1075, and the red/white/blue Ford G.T. logo as used on the steering-wheel of the real thing.  It also features the slogan The Ford That Beat Ferrari, which rings a bell for us, somehow.  Also available from the Fran Kress emporium is a T-shirt showing a pair of GT40s, and which carries the self-same slogan.  To paraphrase somebody or other, “You’ve read the book, now wear the clothes”.
Log on to Fran’s website by clicking on the KM logo, make a purchase or two, and encourage him to provide us with even more means to show the automotive world whose side we’re on!
<--- This absolutely beautiful poster, 71cm x 50cm, of Jacky Ickx
and a quartet of GT40s, can be yours for just £29.95 plus p&p.  
Click on the picture for details.
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GT40 Merchandise
Whatever will they think of next?  We all need computer mice, but until now they have been largely functional, and little more.  Well, that’s just changed, and now you can enjoy Ford GTs as you sit at your computer, thanks to this Ford-licensed radio mouse which doubles as a surprisingly accurate model of a Ford GT.  There’s a colour choice too - silver, yellow, or red, all with racing stripes.  That silver one will go very well with all our computer gear.  Mind you, the importers (Auto Regalia) also do late-model Mustangs, and their red one is - stripes excepted - not unlike the ponycar which currently slumbers in our garage, as it waits for the next dry day before venturing out. For technical details of these mice, and other marque merchandise, click on the Auto Regalia logo, below.