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Book Review: Ford GT40 Manual
It’s always great to receive a copy of a new book about GT40s, and it’s even better when the book is a good one.  And that’s what this one is.  For a start, it’s different from all those which have gone before.  Although it includes the near-obligatory history of the GT40, in all its various iterations, it also covers areas of the GT40 story which have had lamentably little coverage previously.  I refer to what it’s like to own one of these beautiful machines, to drive it, to maintain it, to restore it, and to see under its skin.  For me, that’s the real value in this book, but there’s more.  There are some fascinating interviews with assorted GT40 personalities, from one of the chief designers, Eric Broadley, to mechanics and restorers, owners and racing drivers.  It’s all really good stuff.  What’s more the author is to be congratulated on having penned a book which is well-written, easy to read, and, as far as I can tell, very accurate.
Nowadays it is always a problem choosing photographs to illustrate the GT40’s history, because so many of the good ones have been used before.  Whilst a few of the pictures have been seen in other publications, a substantial number of them have not, and this gives the book a quite fresh look to it.  The pictures (many in colour) of the GT40 nuts and bolts, close-ups of engine bays, suspension, spare parts, chassis innards and so on, are gems, and they have been very well reproduced.  
The author has included potted histories of a representative selection of surviving cars, an overview of the principal continuation cars, specification tables, coverage of vintage racing (including the Goodwood Revival meeting of 2013) and more besides – including a whole page, with an interview, on the subject of Abbey Panels, this alone filling quite a gap in GT40 history.
The book contains 156 pages, has hard covers, some 300 photographs, and currently is priced at £25 (even less on Amazon).  Really, every GT40 enthusiast should buy a copy; do it now before the print run sells out!
Ford GT40 1964 onwards (all marks) Owners’ Workshop Manual
By Gordon Bruce
Haynes Publishing Group